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Jake has been a great resource through multiple periods of my career progression. He provides stellar advice on resume building, networking, performance improvement, process improvement and efficiency, leadership development, and much more. Jake is not afraid to think out of the box and help you do the same. He takes time to understand you as an individual and cater his support to your wants and needs, and makes sure you're having fun along the way. He does an amazing job of getting people excited to challenge themselves to learn and grow.

Eliot Cashell

Jake Freeman used his deep coaching skill set to help me breakthrough my invisible mental barriers inhibiting me from reaching my full potential as a husband, father, and CPA Tax Advisor. Specifically, Jake allowed me to take a journey at my own pace by asking me powerful questions revealing my blind spots in his loving and caring demeanor. His technical skill set in life coaching resulted in my business securing high net-worth clients increasing my revenue by 50% in one year. Highly recommend!

Matt Goebel

Jake Freeman and I worked together at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. His personable leadership was a light in the darkness. Very few people exude this type of hands on management of a team while building interpersonal connections with every individual. For the last ten years, I have relied on Jake's guidance personally and professionally to help me succeed. The path to success is much easier when you have a point Man that will go the distance with you. Semper Fi.

Matt Brock

Jake has been a fantastic resource to me and my career for many years. He mirrors and weaves a lucidity in my own dreams and goals. I’ve become much more forthright as a result, empowering me to do my best as a technical leader in software engineering organizations. I find the work and organizational challenges much more rewarding, as a result of understanding my own values and strengths. Jake is very straight to the point, and is an excellent guide!

Marie C

Jake at CareerFlex has been incredible in helping me map out my life goals and turn them into actionable plans. With his expertise and deep understanding of career development, he has provided me with invaluable insights and strategies to achieve my aspirations. Jake took the time to listen attentively to my ambitions and dreams, and then meticulously crafted a personalized plan of execution tailored to my unique circumstances. His thoroughness in breaking down each step and outlining the necessary actions has been instrumental in keeping me focused and motivated. Moreover, Jake's commitment doesn't stop at providing me with a plan; he consistently follows up with me, offering encouragement, support, and holding me accountable for my progress. Thanks to Jake at CareerFlex, I now have a clear roadmap to success, and I am confident that I will reach my goals with his unwavering guidance.

Steve Buda

Jake took the time to paint a 360 degree picture of me, my achievements, and where I wanted to go; then put that on paper in such a way it has landed me numerous interviews, most ending in job offers. This gave me the freedom to choose my own career path, and effectively my own happiness. Thank you Jake!

Clarity Coaching Package

Discover your potential with our Short-Term Clarity Coaching Package. Within four dedicated hours, we'll guide you to understand your unique challenges, provide a personalized action plan, and equip you with strategies to manage negative thoughts and confidently communicate your way to growth. Drawing on our expertise in behavioral psychology, leadership, and HR management, we'll empower you to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes, cultivate self-belief, and truly value your worth.

Clarity Coaching Package

Transformational Coaching Package

"Unleash your potential with our 6-week Transformation Coaching Package. Over twelve 2-hour weekly sessions, we'll foster personal growth, resilience, and self-belief. Drawing from my unique experiences as a Marine Officer in combat operations, international leader at Amazon Web Services, and small business owner, we'll tailor a roadmap uniquely suited to you. Together, we'll define your personal and professional goals, devise a strategic action plan, and equip you with techniques for work-life balance and stress management. This program also encourages you to embrace positive masculinity and femininity, empowering you to step confidently into your authentic self."

Transformational Coaching Package

Empowerment Coaching Package

Take control with our Comprehensive Empowerment Coaching Package. Across 20 hours, we'll focus on cultivating a positive mindset, embracing your identity, and making lasting changes. Drawing from my experiences as a leader, father, and mentor, we'll craft a personalized 4-year action plan, build resilience, and amplify your individual strengths. We'll balance all aspects of your life, emphasizing personal connections, health, and enjoyment. This package includes ongoing mentorship, email support, and a follow-up progress call, ensuring continued growth and success.

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