E.H. GM with Fortune 250

After I was approached by several executive search firms, I reached out to CareerFlex to bring together my diverse experience in upper management in a concise, powerful way. I’m happy with the end result and am confident I’m well placed for next steps in my professional life.


I highly recommend Jake for anyone that needs a little help defining and refining professional goals. He was able to take my raw product, extract and highlight key accomplishments, and inject aspects of my personality into a marketing tool that attracts attention. In addition, he remained available for consultations and gave me advice on how to overcome certain weaknesses.

With his help, I was able to obtain a job offer with a brand new company in a brand new field. I am very satisfied with his service and would definitely recommend him to my network.

Z.G. Amazon

Jake’s focus on developing his team and providing a strong customer service initiative make him one of the best leaders I’ve worked for. Jake lights up the room with his energy. I could always count on Jake to provide guidance- whether it was career development or resolving employee barriers, no task was beneath him. Since moving to another Amazon team, Jake has continued to support my career in a mentor capacity- one that I’m tremendously grateful for.


Jake is a solution! He knows the value of meeting clients where they live. His requirements gathering is exceptional and thorough. His emotional intelligence helps him read the needs of others extensively and fulfill the needs of others without fault or error. Jake is extremely intelligent, articulate and kind-hearted. He will also complete the task and enjoy doing it. He is one of a kind, a unique individual that gets things done and smiles while he’s doing it. It was an extreme pleasure working with Jake, I would do it again and recommend anyone reading this to take the distinct pleasure to work with him as well.


Jake is a phenomenal leader and above all else, a great guy and solid citizen. He is an outside-the-box thinker and problem solver whose positive energy make him a welcome addition to any team. I would not hesitate if given the opportunity to work with Jake again in the future.

T.D., Accenture

I was fortunate to have met and work with Jake during his final tour in the Marine Corps. Immediately Jake stood out as one that was driven, goal-oriented, resourceful, and possessed a keen eye for spotting talent and potential. Once set on a task, he will pursue it and will go above and beyond what is required to ensure its completion. Jake is relentless, selfless, and genuinely cares in the quality of work and the people involved. He is an outstanding leader where his peers and subordinates respect and look up to him.

A.M., JD, Oracle

Jake Freeman has not only the skill, but also the common sense, professionalism and connections to propel your career to an entirely new level.

I have personally relied on his expertise in the past to craft a résumé and application package that drew attention from Fortune 100 companies and premier law firms alike.

I would recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their chances of getting an interview at the company of their choice. Not only this, Jake takes the monotonous and tedious process of résumé writing and applying for jobs and makes it exciting. If you are currently job hunting or if you would just like to improve your “personal brand” for future opportunities, I highly recommend CareerFlex